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The following scientists, doctors and other experts shared their expertise on the human microbiome for our documentary about kids and microbes.

Dr. B. Brett Finlay, Microbiologist

Dr. Finlay is professor of microbiology at the University of British Columbia and a world leader in how bacterial infections work. He has been studying microbes for over thirty years and has published over five hundred articles. Also a founder of the biotech companies Commense, Vedanta, and Microbiome Insights, Brett is Officer of the Order of Canada—the highest Canadian civilian recognition. He lives in Vancouver, BC, with his wife, who is a pediatrician, and has two grown-up kids.

Dr. Marie-Claire Arrieta, Microbiologist

Dr. Arrieta is assistant professor at the University of Calgary and has been studying intestinal microbiology and immunology for over 10 years. Her recent study connecting asthma in very young babies to missing key intestinal bacterial species was deemed a breakthrough in the field and was reported by dozens of news outlets around the world. Arrieta has published in leading scientific journals such as Gastroenterology, PNAS, and Science Translational Medicine. She spends her busy days juggling between experiments, science writing, kindergarten pick-ups, and play dates for her two young children.