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Some of the creative team behind this documentary film about microbes and our children’s health and development.

Rivkah Beth Medow, Director / Producer

Rivkah Beth Medow looks for every opportunity to learn more about the world around her. She has created, directed, and produced documentary, broadcast, commercial, and non-profit productions for the past 14 years. Her projects have been seen by millions on television and web, in film festivals, and in non-profit workshops worldwide. Rivkah’s credits include the Emmy Award-winning documentaries “The Next Frontier” and “We’ve Got The Power.”; multi-award winning PBS Marine Fisheries Series “Empty Oceans, Empty Nets” and “Farming the Seas”; and several films for the non-profits Pachamama Alliance and Ella Baker Center for Human Rights. As the mother of two wilderness loving, increasingly bath-resistant daughters, she’s happy to learn that “dirt don’t hurt”!

Brad Marshland, Director / Writer / Producer

Brad Marshland entered Harvard with the intention of studying medicine. Then one semester, the class he took just after “Inorganic Chemistry” each Tuesday was “Visual and Narrative Perspective in Film.” His choice was easy. For the past twenty years, Brad has been a prolific writer and producer in just about every medium. He has produced numerous documentary and narrative feature films, including the Emmy Award-winning documentaries “The Next Frontier” and “We’ve Got The Power.” Between film projects, Brad has produced over 200 feature segments for Yahoo News, ABC, and Katie Couric. He has written and sold screenplays in Hollywood, had stage plays produced on both coasts, and works as a story consultant to award-winning filmmakers.