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The following families participated in our documentary and shared their challenges and how a better understanding of the human microbiome helped.

Alicia & Olivia

Alicia & Olivia - Let Them Eat Dirt documentary

Olivia loves photography, acting, and Instagram. She’s outgoing and kind, with a great group of friends. She’s also been battling C. diff since 2015, which causes her enormous pain. She and her mother Alicia hope that the Fecal Microbiota Transplant Olivia receives in the film will help cure her.

Ashley, Cory & Clara Rose

Ashley, Cory & Clara Rose - Let Them Eat Dirt documentary

When Ashley and Cory learn their baby is breach they decide to participate in Dr. Hourigan’s vaginal seeding study to help determine whether swabbing babies with birth canal microbes after a Cesarian section is beneficial. Their beautiful daughter’s birth is captured in the film.

AudreyCandyCorn, Ziair & Amir

Audrey, Ziair & Amir - Let Them Eat Dirt documentary

AudreyCandyCorn homeschools her 3 sons who founded TAZ, a foundation which works against violence in thier community. Her youngest son Ziair is a thoughtful, aspiring martial arts purple belt. Ziair explains how it feels to live with Asthma while AudreyCandyCorn tells us about the challenges she faces around her son’s chronic disease.

Brittany, Seylah & Nya

Brittany, Seylah & Nya - Let Them Eat Dirt documentary

Brittany writes, makes films, and raises two young daughters with her partner. She’s thoughtful about the challenges of raising children while keeping the creative fires burning. She shares her experience with breastfeeding and perceptions surrounding nursing in our modern world.

Danielle, Nick & Evelyn

Danielle, Nick & Evelyn - Let Them Eat Dirt documentary

Danielle’s a nurse who’s seen the way auto-immune disease such as asthma and allergies affect so many modern children. She and her husband Nick have twins with excema and decide to enroll in Dr. Hourigan’s study with their third child, Evelyn, with the hope to minimize potential heallth issues associated with her Cesarian section.

Doniga, Quill, Quince & Larry

Doniga, Quill, Quince & Larry - Let Them eat Dirt documentary

Doniga raises her three children on an organic farm in Northern California. She helps us understand the role antibiotics play in contemporary farming and tells us why she chooses to raise her family with ample exposure to all the microbes her enviromnent can offer.

Marcelina & Sebastian

Marcelina & Sebastian - Let Them Eat Dirt documentary

Marcelina builds community while tending to her newborn son. She believes in healthy exposure to microbes and explains the way practices around breastfeeding differ in her home country of Guatemala.

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