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Some of the creative team behind this documentary film about microbes and our children’s health and development.

Becky Worley, Host

Becky Worley has hosted shows for the Travel Channel, National Geographic, and PBS. She has covered the nexus of technology, consumer, and health/fitness for Good Morning America since 2005, and has concurrently hosted the Yahoo Tech series Upgrade Your Life and two Emmy Award-winning documentaries on energy technology. Worley has a master’s degree in education technology from Stanford, is the mother of 10-year old twins, and coaches three youth sports teams (yes, she drives a minivan). After her collegiate soccer career and 15 years playing rugby, including a brief stint on the US national team, she has a very healthy relationship with dirt.

Rivkah Beth Medow, Producer/Director

Rivkah makes memorable films around social and environmental justice themes. Her documentary projects have been seen by millions over the last 14 years. Her credits include the Netflix film Being George Clooney (2016); critics favorite The Nine (2016); Emmy Award-winning documentaries The Next Frontier (2011) and We’ve Got The Power (2014); multi-award winning PBS Marine Fisheries Series (2005); and several films for the non-profits Pachamama Alliance and Ella Baker Center for Human Rights.

Brad Marshland, Writer/Producer

Brad entered Harvard with the intention of studying medicine. Then one semester, the class he took just after “Inorganic Chemistry” each Tuesday was “Visual and Narrative Perspective in Film.” His choice was easy. For the past twenty years, Brad has been a prolific writer and producer in just about every medium. He has produced numerous documentary and narrative feature films, including the Emmy Award-winning documentaries The Next Frontier and We’ve Got The Power. Between film projects, Brad has produced over 200 feature segments for Yahoo News, ABC, and Katie Couric.

Chris Brown, Editor/Associate Producer

Emmy-award winning filmmaker Chris Brown has edited a wide range of projects, including the award-winning feature documentary The Providers (2018), the critically-acclaimed A Thousand Mothers (2017) and the Sundance Grand Jury Award-winning documentary, A River Changes Course (2013). Brown’s most recent fictional feature, The Other Kids (2016), a docu/fiction hybrid about small town teen life, won 10 awards internationally, was hailed as “Genuine and relevant” by Variety and “Extraordinary” by The San Francisco Examiner. Brown also edited, co-produced and co-directed the PBS favorites We’ve Got the Power (2014) and The Next Frontier (2011), which won an Emmy Award for Best Documentary.

Lieve Keustermans, Animator

Lieve Keustermans is a freelance motion designer and illustrator based in Ghent, Belgium. They first studied Art History and later got an additional bachelor’s degree in Digital Design and Development. After getting a few years of experience under their belt at several creative agencies, they started as a full-time freelance motion designer. Lieve now spends their time creating all kinds of animations for brands and organizations, and tries to find the time to work on the odd music video or personal project.

Crystal Villamayor, Assistant Editor

Crystal Villamayor edits with Roast & Post, a top Bay Area post house specializing in creative collaboration and getting projects across the finish line looking and sounding their best. Crystal works on a variety of projects from major studios, indies, animation, commercials, internet cat videos and everything in between.

Annelise Larson, Impact Producer

Annelise Larson of & is a critically acclaimed social impact producer and media strategist who operates at the nexus of storytelling, marketing, and advocacy. She works extensively with government organizations and production companies in film, television and interactive industries in North America. Her focus is helping content creators and storytellers use the online opportunity to define, find, attract and engage their audiences.

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